The relationship buzz between Vijay Varma and Tamannaah Bhatia have been making hurls all across the nation. And here’s how Vijay tackles situations when he is teased with Tamannaah’s name in public, in an interview. Scroll down beneath to read the scoop-

Vijay Varma on how he tackles getting teased

During a recent interview, the actor Gulshan was playfully questioned about being teased at the trailer launch. In response, Gulshan humorously remarked that the organizers strategically seated him far away from his co-star, Vijay, to avoid any explosive exchanges. Vijay, with a hint of blush on his face, jokingly confirmed Gulshan’s statement and acknowledged the potential for mischief if they were seated closer together. Gulshan, ever the joker, further quipped that the blush visible on Vijay’s face was not the result of makeup but genuine embarrassment.

In this lighthearted exchange, the camaraderie between Gulshan and Vijay was evident as they shared a playful banter. Their ability to engage in good-natured teasing showcased the comfortable bond they have formed while working together. The jovial atmosphere during the interview added an extra dose of entertainment and left fans eagerly anticipating their on-screen chemistry in their upcoming project, as mentioned in an article by Film Fare.

Vijay-Tamannaah’s relationship rumours

Amidst swirling speculations, a video capturing actors Vijay and Tamannaah embracing and sharing a kiss on New Year’s Eve in Goa went viral, sparking rumors of a possible romantic relationship between the two. Despite the widespread curiosity surrounding their alleged affair, neither Vijay nor Tamannaah have officially addressed the rumors.

However, their subsequent appearances together, enjoying meals during lunch and dinner outings, have only fueled further speculation among fans and onlookers. While the nature of their bond remains a subject of intrigue, both Vijay and Tamannaah have opted to maintain silence on the matter, leaving their fans eagerly awaiting any official confirmation or clarification regarding their relationship status.