Mimi Chakraborty, the gorgeous diva, is a renowned Bengali television and film actress. Her amazing acting skills have impressed her fans and the audience. In contrast, she is very active on her social media handle, which keeps her top buzz. Today the actress indulged herself in fun banter with her friend.

Mimi Chakraborty’s Fun With Friends

The diva in the video looked cool in casual. She plays the viral game on Instagram with her best friend to test who knows the most about each other. Mimi Chakraborty played this game with her dear friends. While answering the questions, the trio indulged in a pillow fight. The fun time with friends is always relaxing and joyful.

Watch the video below and enjoy.

View Instagram Post 1: Watch: Mimi Chakraborty's Fun Banter With Friends

Mimi Chakraborty has a massive fandom on her profile, with 3.3 million followers. Her striking pictures, engaging post, and videos keep her fans entertained. While she also loves to travel to new places across the globe, and her Instagram feed is a buffet of her vacation dairies.

Mimi Chakraborty’s Films And TV Shows.

The actress began her career as an actor with the Champion. And her debut Bengali film Bapi Bari Jaa. Her second project was the Gaaner Oparey TV series. With her acting skills, she won hearts and, in no time, became a household name.

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