Monalisa is a top actress in the Bhojpuri film industry. The diva in her latest video shows her sultry back view in stunning outfits from vintage sarees to hot bikini dresses.

Watch: Monalisa’s Sultry Back View In Different Avatars, Saree To Bikini credit: Monalisa Instagarm

Monalisa, the undisputed queen of the Bhojpuri industry, never leaves a chance to win hearts with her fashion choices. Her style has always made us fall for her, and we can’t resist her charm. She is an active social media user who loves to share anecdotes from her personal and professional life with her audience. Today, the actress takes her fans on an enchanted ride, showing her back view in different outfits from saree to bikini.

Monalisa Suktfh Back view

Taking to her Instagram handle, Monalisa drops a video of herself showcasing her different avatars in sarees to bikini sets. Sharing this video, she captioned her post with multiple dancing girl emojis. However, the video looks too hot to handle.

Throughout the video, Monalisa shows her backside body, flaunting her jaw-dropping figure, sometimes in a backless blouse or dress, sometimes in a bold bikini look. With her bold fashion, the actress makes millions of fans gaga over her magical charm. As she poses in the striking moments, the actress impresses her fans; however, we can’t keep calm.

Monalisa rose to fame with Bigg Boss and then garnered massive love from the audience for her prowess in the TV show Nazar.

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