KGF superstar Yash is not just a star he is an icon. An icon who has driven the nation behind his charm and made records at the box office especially after the pandemic. His put life back into the theatres and got audiences to leave comfort of their homes. The success of KGF 2 is proof, Yash is a superstar that the industry encounters once in a decade. Yash today stands in the league of the veterans of the entertainment world Amitabh Bachchan and Rajinikanth who ruled the decades with their style and distinct persona.

The kind of rage that Yash had brought to the screen with his massive screen presence in the character of Rocky Bhai in KGF is totally out of this world. The aura of his character created many examples of its popularity with people copying his style. This craze was subsequently seen in the late ’70s when the iconic styles of Amitabh Bachchan and Rajinikanth took over the nation. The same phenomenon has been witnessed with the character of Yash’s Rocky Bhai.

Recently during an interview, the host asked if iconic dialogues essential which are now created around Rocky Bhai that reminds one of the era of Rajinikanth’s style of lighting the matchstick or Amitabh Bachchan’s booming delivery from Zanjeer. To this Yash replied “I think if you see, there were western films, considered as violent films, everybody reticulated that time, nobody took it seriously also. Today it is treated as classic because of the stylized thing, people imitated their style. There was a certain amount of charm and persona that the main character brings onto the screen which people will follow. I think for that generation, that is essential. We become some kind of style icons or ambassadors of certain things, you need actors for those things and if people connect to it, if they connect to one person because of style or persona then that’s something that they would want to use it in their personal lives, they carry it. So, that is important, when you come out on screen you should bring out your persona also. If a director comes up with a script it’s not just a good script or the way they have written, it’s also what you bring in as an actor that will take you ahead, I believe.”

Moreover, Yash’s story in reality is something that has a distinct connection with the audience. Having his roots come from a simple middle-class family where his father served the profession as a bus driver, Yash’s rags-to-riches story is something that makes him an Inspiration to the nation. Yash emerged as the nation’s favorite and is undoubtedly a big reason behind the super success of KGF 2.

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