Check out these celebs who admire Indian cuisine

India is a diverse country with many religions, ethnic groups, and dialects. Each area has its own characteristics, as the range between them varies by a few kilometers. We are unable to denigrate any state when taste is mentioned. Whether it’s Uttar Pradesh or Rajasthan, each state’s cuisine has its own unique element. India’s cuisine is diverse, with hot food in some places and sharp sweet flavors in others.

Indian cuisine is very popular in other countries, from Chaats to Chole and Butter Chicken. You’ve probably heard folks gripe about how fiery Indian food is. Notwithstanding this, Indian cuisine is extremely popular.

Along with the general public, there are certain well-known celebrities who enjoy Indian cuisine; let us have a look at their culinary adventures of Indian food.

1. Will Smith
‘The Pursuit for happiness’ actor expressed his fondness for Chicken Tikka Masala and several types of nans. During that trip, the 49-year-old acknowledged that he developed a love for Indian cuisine, and he thanked Akshay for introducing him to it. “Akshay had a celebration the year before, and the cuisine was the greatest I’ve ever tasted. It had a little of everything in it. Chicken tikka masala is my favorite,” Smith explained. Will Smith declared Indian cuisine to be the finest he’s ever tasted.

2. Tom Cruise
The Mission: Impossible 7-star tasted Chicken Tikka Masala with additional spices at singer Asha Bhosle’s restaurant in the United Kingdom. His passion for spicy Indian cuisine brought him to this eatery. He was so taken with the chicken tikka masala that he tried it again.

Surely these two celebs are big fans of Indian food.

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