Will Smith, a well-known Hollywood actor, rose fast through the ranks of fame and notoriety. Although it was not easy for him – the journey was lengthy – he managed to complete the work set before him and was successful. He is now a well-known celebrity with a slew of prizes to his name and, of course, the idol of millions of people. The most intriguing facts about Will Smith are presented by Bemorepanda.

1. Will’s mother was a member of his school board, and his father was an electrical engineer who ran a refrigeration business. Despite the fact that his parents were Baptists, he was sent to a strict Catholic school as a child.

2. He began rapping at home and in school when he was only 12 years old. While bouncing about entertaining everyone, his sister classified him as “goofy.”

3. He was nicknamed “The Prince” in high school because he would get himself into chaos and then use his fast-talking allure to persuade the teachers to let him off with a warning.

4. He holds the record for the most Kids Choice Awards he has received. He was the winner six times!

5. Will Smith is a very intelligent person, despite the fact that he never attended college. He speaks Spanish fluently and enjoys playing chess.

6. It’s not uncommon for celebrities with no political experience to end up in positions of power in the United States. “If it was something I really committed myself to, I don’t think there’s anything that could stop me from becoming President of the United States,” Will Smith once said.

7. Willow Smith, his daughter, made up a song called “Whip My Hair.” He assisted her in polishing it as well as producing the music video. Soon later, the song became a radio hit.