Here are a few that you probably don’t know about the Hollywood star Natalie Portman!

You Obviously Didn’t Know These Facts About Natalie Portman, Check It Out

Natalie Portman is the beautiful Hollywood star best known for her movies, Black Swan, Jackie, Thor, and her work in the Star War franchise. The Israeli-born American actress has quite an extensive career. She started her career in acting back when she was a teenager and grew into the impressive actress she is today. The actress has received quite a few accolades throughout her career. Here are some facts about the actress that you obviously didn’t know about!

The actress was born in Jerusalem and has dual citizenship in both the United States as well as Israel.

The actress’ parents met each other at the Ohio State University.

The actress’ given name is Natalie Hershalag. She took on her paternal grandmother’s maiden name, Portman, for her stage name.

One of her great grandmothers was a spy for the British during World War 2.

Her first movie was a French feature film “The Professional”. She acted alongside Jean Reno.

She is an Ivy League graduate and got her degree from Harvard University back in 2003.

She even worked with a famous lawyer while at awards. She was a research assistant for Alan Dershowitz.

She was originally supposed to have the role of Juliet in the movie, Romeo and Juliet (1996) opposite Leonardo Dicaprio. But Claire Danes got the role instead due to the age difference between the two actors.

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