The song “Zaalima” is a global collaboration featuring Shreya Ghoshal’s enchanting vocals and gifted Arabic vocalist Dystinct. It was first released on the PlayDMF YouTube channel and quickly gained popularity due to its unique blend of Arabic and Indian rhythms, a fusion that is sure to pique your interest. The song has an excellent beat and is enhanced by Mouni Roy’s fascinating performance.

Check Out The Video Appearance-

Mouni Roy’s dancing moves in the music video, reminiscent of the iconic Jasmine from Aladdin, are a sight to behold. Her excellent choreography and directing ensure that audiences are captivated from the beginning. Mouni’s ability to perform with passion and intensity is a crucial factor that can help the song gain popularity on the Internet, making it a must-watch for all her fans.

Check Out The Video Below-

The video is entertaining due to its high production quality. Dystinct’s Arabic flair and Shreya Ghoshal’s soulful voice create a wonderful, energizing, and mesmerizing balance. The remarkable visual effects and VFX work in “Zaalima” elevate the song’s entire experience.

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