Satyaprem Ki Katha starring Kartik Aaryan and Kiara Advani is set to release in theatres on 29 June. The Bhool Bhulaiya 2 hit pair, in all likeliness, will repeat success in box office given the quality of the film and audience buzz around it. An opinion piece by IWMBuzz editor Siddhartha Laik

Kartik, Kiara and Success Ki Katha

What really makes for a great cinematic experience? The perfect plot, the baffling scenes, impeccable acting prowess or melodies to balm maladies? The search for answer/s has been unending for years and much discerning (read: concerning) in recent times, owing to jittery Bollywood box office performances.

Moving over from Excel sheet gurus and white-collar business pundits, one must, much more assertively now than ever, conform to the old French saying… l’art pour l’art.

Cinema is art, and in Indian cinema, the core is emotions.

Thanks to my nature of work, I get to travel and often meet and thus observe people from diverse interests, regions and fields. My recent loco tour to Delhi was quite a revelation.

Internet content and social media trends have a deep connect and impact in forming people’s perceptions of content consumption preferences, be it theatre or OTT. While travelling, you can often hear the noise of news and the sound of movie trailer/s songs and, of course, trending reels.

In my journey, pat went one middle-aged lady, “Yeh Kartik ladka cute hai. Iska picture funny rehta hai,” while watching a spotted video of Aaryan.

Said a man next seated to her: “Iska naya picture bahut mast dikh raha hai. Gaane mast hai. Uska Bhool Bhulaiya wala heroine same hai.”

“Isika boycott trend chal raha tha kya? “Arrey nahin, woh dusri picture tha. Yeh family picture hai,” meandered the conversation, testimony to the reach of Hindi movies to voices who are true fans of stars and decide what to watch and what to drop.

Initial observation suggests that Kartik Aaryan and Kiara Advani starrer Satyaprem Ki Katha is a winner. The duo is a hit pair (Bhool Bhulaiya 2), fires up the screen and, together, exudes an aura which comforts, fascinates and invigorates audiences.

The trailer cooks up a storm and has all the quintessential ingredients for a delectable recipe for success. The heart-tugging chemistry, the songs, emotional poignancy, scenic locations, dignified grandiose and, of course, fine artists who are diverse yet form a cohesive voice to power the plot.

The visuals look enriching, coupled with fine dialogues and cinematography.

Satyaprem is a feel-good film. It deserves a watch in theatres, especially as Kartik and Kiara, the new age stars, favourites of millennials and masses alike, need to be supported and celebrated as they have put their heart and soul into the movie.

What also calls for revelry of this dynamic duo is that they have reached summit in their respective careers via sheer hard work and talent, representing aspirations of millions of ambitious young Indians.

Their films symbolise how if there’s a spark within you, nothing can shackle you down!

And now, it’s the turn of true cinema lovers, like you and me and my fellow loco travellers, to enjoy it on the big screen and make such long hauls outshine.

Forget critics, overt analysis, and pin-pointing experts: go watch it for the love of cinema and art.

Let film-making and Bollywood win with Satyaprem Ki Katha. It’s time to embrace magnificence this June (29). Go for it!

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