IWMBuzz reviews ZEE5's latest offering '14 Phere'

Review of ZEE5’s 14 Phere: Paisa Vasool Entertainment

Project: 14 Phere

Lead Cast: Kriti Kharbanda (Aditi), Vikrant Massey (Sanjay), Jameel Khan (Amay), Gauhar Khan (Zubina)

Direction: Devanshu Singh

Ratings: 3/5 stars

They say when two individuals get married in India, it’s not only a ‘marriage’ between two souls, but a conjugal of two families. Even today, more often than not, things move forward with the mutual consent of the families of the bride and groom.

However, trouble mounts when two individuals are madly in love and hell-bent to get married, but families disapprove. It’s this simple yet riveting plot that director Devanshu Singh has explored in his latest movie ’14 Phere’ currently streaming on ZEE5

For Sanjay (Vikrant) & Aditi (Kriti) love blooms in college. Sanjay hails from a typical orthodox Rajput family from Bihar whereas Aditi belongs to a Jat family from Rajasthan. Both families value their culture & ‘sanskar’ to a great extent. Both do well in their respective careers and as natural relationship progression plans to take the leap of ‘marital’ faith. But their families and their prejudices put water on plans. So what exactly Sanjay & Aditi do to ensure they get married without upsetting their parents? In comes the amazing duo of Amay (Jameel Khan) & Zubina (Gauhar Khan) who are both friends of Sanjay. The duo agrees to help Sanjay and Aditi in the best way possible to get married to each other and that’s where an entertaining, action-packed journey of chaos, misadventure, and unpredictability begins. No spoilers allowed, henceforth.

What We Liked:

Vikrant Massey as Sanjay and Kriti Kharbanda as Aditi have done a commendable job. From their dialect to funny one-liners, they hit the ball out of the park with their sensational chemistry. Extra points to Vikrant for the finesse he brings into his character here to make it look effortless on screen. Jameel Khan & Gauhar Khan entertain in their limited screen presence.

What Could Have Been Better:

Director Devanshu Singh puts his best foot forward to serve the audience a platter of comedy, romance as well as a message on casteism, dowry & honour killing. The screenplay could have been tighter, and punchlines better. Overall, the ‘comedy of errors’ is engaging and there are enough ‘seeti maar’ moments to keep you entertained. Paisa vasool entertainment!!!

3/5 stars