For those Aashiqui ke aashiq who have been waiting to see the third part of the Franchise featuring Kartik Aaryan, would have to wait for at least one year.

Producer Mukesh Bhatt explains why the project will take longer than expected. “It was always planned that way. When we announced Aashiqui 3 with the very talented Kartik Aaryan we had to make sure the screenplay and especially the music would support Kartik’s superstardom.”

Mukesh Bhatt reveals that the music of Aashiqui 3 would be its backbone. “Aashiqui and then Aashiqui 2 both had blockbuster music. In the first Aashiqui in 1990 Nadeem(of Nadeem Shravan) gave me one chartbuster after another. Every song was a superhit, and all original. He went on to do chartbuster music in my films time after time. In Aashiqui 2 again the music my Mithoon, Jeet Ganguly, Ankit Tiwari and Raju Singh was the backbone.”

Would Aashiqui 3 have multiple composers?

Says Mukesh Bhatt, “It would depend on the on the output. If one composer can give me all the tunes I want, then why not? However if several composers come up with the quality of music I want, then they are all welcome.”

Mukesh wants to work meticulously on the music of Aashiqui 3. “The songs have to be on a par with the first two parts of the Franchise.There cannot be any compromise on the music. It has to be as good, if not better than Part 1 and 2. And it has to be entirely original. I don’t want any cut-and-paste rehashes of old songs. I don’t want the music of Aashiqui 2 to sound hungover with nostalgia.”