Bollywood sensation Aditya Roy Kapur is on cloud nine with the success of his latest web series, “The Night Manager,” where his portrayal of Shaan Sengupta earned him immense praise. The talented actor is now making waves in the world of online streaming platforms, showcasing his versatility and acting prowess.

Here’s what she said

In a recent chat with Filmfare, Aditya fearlessly addressed questions about nepotism and his journey in the industry. He asserted that he charted his own course in Bollywood without relying on his brothers’ established names. Starting with supporting roles that his brothers were not connected to, he proved his mettle as an independent artist, determined to carve his own identity.

Sharing insights into his early days in the industry, Aditya candidly revealed facing numerous rejections during auditions. However, he emphasized that facing ‘no’ was an inherent part of being an actor, and he took these challenges in his stride. Aditya’s resilience and unwavering passion kept him going, undeterred by the hurdles that came his way, as mentioned in an article by DNA.

From stepping into supporting characters to owning leading roles, Aditya Roy Kapur’s journey is a testament to his dedication and perseverance. With his impeccable performances captivating audiences, it’s no surprise that he is leaving a lasting impression in the competitive world of entertainment, especially in the dynamic realm of OTT platforms. As Aditya continues to shine, fans eagerly await his next cinematic triumphs and applaud his independent spirit in the industry.

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