IWMBuzz hilariously reveals to you Arjun Kapoor's relation with the ongoing Yes Bank debacle. Check out the story for more details

What is Arjun Kapoor’s relationship with Yes Bank debacle? Find out

The Yes Bank debacle as we all heard is something that has shocked the entire nation. The financial situation of the country is at stake and it is a cause of worry for the country. But when you heard about the Yes Bank controversy for the first time, did you ever think it can even remotely have something to do with Arjun Kapoor?

Well, we tell you the relationship and the relationship has been established by none other than Kamaal R Khan. On his latest Twitter video, Kamaal was seen comparing Yes Bank’s downfall with Arjun Kapoor’s career graph. He also related how Arjun played a ‘Yes Bank’ employee in his film ‘ Two States’ and hence just like his films, even Yes Bank is facing a downfall. This has got social media bursting out laughing at the hilarious comparison.

Well, ever wondered a relationship of this nature could be established as well? We certainly didn’t. Let us know your views in the comments below. For more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com

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