Saif Cooks For His Staff During Isolation… Taimur runs around the house, and paints and plants trees and reads and dances, read more...

I am a bit fed up: Saif Ali Khan on lockdown

Saif Ali Khan, his Begum Kareena and child Taimur are making the best of this we-time that God has imposed on them.

A week into the lockdown and Saif admits to me that he is getting a little tired of lazing around. He is finding new ways of keeping himself engaged.

Says Saif, “On Tuesday I cooked for my entire staff and that was fun. It’s been really serene and quite peaceful. But of course, there are sudden bouts of worry. We don’t want people to suffer. We are going through a pandemic !! Bloody hell, how scary is that!”

Saif is using this time at home for a lot of reading, sleeping, and thinking.

Says the Tanhaji actor, “ It is a time of introspection. We are all happier when we aren’t competing actively. But the world we have set up demands competition on every level. That leads to unhappiness at times. However, at the end of the day, we need people and we need competition. It gives the world its buzz .”

Saif says he is treating the lockdown like an adventure with Taimur. “I’m treating it like a voyage in a ship. We are working out, and reading and playing music and cooking and chilling. Taimur is the silver lining. We are having a blast with him.”

When I ask if Taimur is getting bored being indoors Saif replies, “Not really. He runs around the house, and paints and plants trees and reads and dances. He is okay.”

But Saif admits the lockdown is getting tedious on Week 2. “ I am a bit fed up. We should get over this soon.”

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