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Read Kriti Sanon's emotional note for Sushant Singh Rajput

“Your brilliant mind was your best friend and worst enemy”, Kriti Sanon’s heartfelt note for Sushant Singh Rajput

There is genuine pain in what Kriti Sanon has shared on social media. She has some real special words to say for her ‘Sush’, and she has poured her heart out.

It’s real emotion.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has left all stunned. Ever since his death, the entire entertainment fraternity mourned his death on social media. While netizens labelled some as fake, some true and real friends of Sushant made it a point to be present at his last rites. One of those dear friends was none other than Kriti. who many believe was in a deeper relationship with Sushant.

A day after attending his final rites, Kriti took to social media today to pen down an emotional letter about what she has been feeling ever since Sushant left this planet.

She wrote:
I knew that your brilliant mind was your best friend and your worst enemy.. but it has broken me completely to know that you had a moment in your life where Dying felt easier or better than Living. I so wish you had people around you to get you pass THAT moment, i wish you hadn’t pushed the ones who loved you away.. i wish i could have fixed that something which was broken inside you..I couldn’t..
I wish so so many things….
A part of my heart has gone with you..💔 and a part will always keep you alive..
Never stopped praying for your happiness and never will..❤️
RIP, Sushant.

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