The trailer of Bunty Aur Babli shows us how a sequel can be made without seeming to unnecessarily drag the story. Here is clever writing sparkling with verve wit and charm, so much so that I found myself chuckling at several places while viewing the engaging trailer.

Firstly the recall value of the con couple Vimmi and Rakesh Trivedi, a.k.a Babli and Bunty is given a roaring renewal when two clones , yes clones of the cons which makes them Con Clones, show up in town.

Then there is Sidhanth Chaturvedi with his multiple disguises as the neo-Bunty . he has a certain swagger about him that was unmistakable in Gully Boy. What is taking him so long to break out?He seems to be in fine form in this sequel to an ancient film.

Saif (replacing Abhishek Bachchan for reasons we shall not discuss here) again does a Bihari/UP accent after Bhoot Police. Luckily for him, the humour in this film looks far more inspired then the horribly misguided Bhoot film. Ghost ghost na raha, thankfully

There is some genuine chemistry between Rani and Saif. And their impersonation of two notrorious con-persons from Agra, is bang-on. I actually think Saif makes a better pair with Rani than Kareena.

So the trailer has two Buntys and two Bablis, plus it has Pankaj Tripathy as a cop on their trail. What more could a seriously funny comedy want? Pankaj ,like the rest of the cast is given his moment in the trailer when Bunty and Babli’s precocious son asks him if he has come searching for his parents.

“Beta, I couldn’t be here to get Neerav Modi’s address from you, could I?” Pankaj drawls drolly.

Sarcasm goes a long way in not making Bunty and Babli an obsolete couple.If the idea is to make the sequel of an-11 year old film relevant then this one gets it right by showing the con game being renewed from one generation to another without having to explain themselves too much.