It has been quite a past few years for actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui on the personal front. His on-and-off feud with his wife, Alia Siddiqui is known to one and all, where the latter has been consistently vocal about how she has faced several trials and tribulations from Siddiqui and even filed multiple cases against them.

But amid all this, there was another instance that caught the notice of many out there which stated how Aaliya claimed that Siddiqui’s brother molested a minor back in 2012, and a few of the family members supported him including Siddiqui himself. After all this, a fresh new update has come in that closes the chapter.

Over a decade ago, Aaliya filed a molestation case against Siddiqui and four other members of the family at the POCSO court in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. According to the FIR, Siddiqui’s brother Minazuddin allegedly molested a minor family member in 2012, with the others purportedly supporting him.

Following an investigation, the police submitted a final report, absolving the actor and his family of any wrongdoing last year, as per IANS. Subsequently, Judge Ritesh Sachdeva summoned the complainant to the POCSO court to address the report provided by the investigating officers.

Despite being granted numerous opportunities and receiving multiple notices, she neglected to appear in court. Consequently, the court ultimately acknowledged the police report and exonerated the Gangs of Wasseypur actor and his four other family members, as reported by PTI.

When it comes to his workfront, Siddiqui will next be seen in the film, Section 108.