Sunny Deol’s Chants of ‘Hindustan Zindabaad’ rent the air in Delhi , Jaipur and Mumbai at the premiere of the re-release of Gadar: Ek Prem Katha.

According to an eyewitness, the response to the film at all three cities, especially Jaipur was thunderous. “And when Sunny Deol arrived it was even more thunderous. The atmosphere was electrifying.”

The renewed adulation has had a positive impact on Sunny’s self-esteem.He has decided he would promote the Gadar sequel which is opening in August. Earlier plan was to not do press interviews at all for the sequel.

Says Sunny’s proud father the legendary Dharmendra “See, Sunny doesn’t promote himself.He never has. The Deol family never stands on rooftops to declare their achievements.We are a family of quiet achievers. Which also means we are often taken for granted.”

Dharamji feels the Deol parivar has always been shortchanged when it comes to giving them their due recognition. “We’ve given some of the biggest hits, my younger son Bobby also. Now the third generation of Deols is in the film industry.We don’t like to talk about ourselves and our achievements. But the fact that twenty-two years after it was first released Gadar still makes Sunny’s fans so excited, should mean something. It is like my Sholay.”

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