It has now been over four months since the much-talked-about, extremely controversial but supremely successful film, Animal released in theaters. But even then, it somehow manages to find its way into some conversation or the other. Ranging from director Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s interviews and scathing attacks to the stars of the film going on to talk about the film and defend what the film stood out for – Animal has made the most noise for the right and wrong reasons on several occasions.

On the same note, leading lady, Rashmika Mandanna also received a lot of flak for her role and how submissive and misogynistic it was. So far, the actor has not addressed any of this but that is only until now. Mandanna recently made an appearance on No Filter Neha – which is actor Neha Dhupia’s talk show, where she went on to talk about it.

During the talk, she stood up for the movie, asserting that its authenticity was integral to its essence. She explained that the film revolves around a character who is deeply troubled and willing to go to extremes for his father, all while undergoing a transition. She emphasized that for the film to maintain its raw, authentic, and accurate portrayal, it must remain true to this narrative.

Additionally, she shared insights from her time on set, emphasizing her commitment to portraying the role with authenticity by consistently delving into the character’s psyche. Despite encountering criticism, the actress expressed appreciation for the audience members who connected with the film’s storyline, urging others to embrace its unfiltered genuineness.

When it comes to her future projects, Mandanna is all set to reprise her role in Pushpa 2: The Rule, Chhava, Rainbow and The Girlfriend among others.