Anil Sharma’s Gadar 2: The Katha Continues has broken several boxoffice records .

“We expected it to be very big. But this has gone beyond anything we expected,” informs a source from the film’s producers Zee Studios.

The primary aftermath of the Gadar 2 success is Sunny Deol’s rebirth as the most dependable action hero of Hindi cinema.

“No computer-generated fake muscles and simulated fights. Everything about Sunny is real raw and angry. Enough of the Khans and their much touted superstardom. Gadar 2 proves Sunny is the only true and real action hero of Indian cinema,” declares Roshan Singh, a leading film exhibitor of Bihar.

Zee Studios agrees. They have decided to hike Deol’s price in Gadar 3 by ten times as compared with what he was paid for in Gadar 2.

A source in the know informs, “For Gadar 2 Sunny was paid a meagre 6 crores. He will be paid close to 60 crores for Gadar 3. He has proved his boxoffice draw with Gadar 2.”