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I was being pushed into a corner: Priyanka Chopra exposes Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut blames Karan Johar

Priyanka Chopra is one of the finest and most amazing actresses in the Indian entertainment industry. The actress started her career many years back in the Hindi entertainment industry after her successful stint in modeling and well, today, slowly and steadily, she’s mastered the art of slaying in cinema. Her career started on a good and positive note in B-Town post which, she became one of the most admired and sought-after actresses in the Hindi film fraternity. However, soon, at the very peak of her career, Priyanka Chopra decided to move to the west and slowly look for a career there. Regarding the same, she’s never really spoken much in the past. However, recently, she revealed quite a few shocking facts.

As per the media reports in The Indian Express, while conversing with Dax Shepherd on his podcast named ‘Armchair Expert’, Priyanka was quoted as saying,

“I was being pushed into a corner in the industry (Bollywood). I had people not casting me, I had beef with people, I am not good at playing that game so I kind of was tired of the politics and I said I needed a break. This music thing gave me an opportunity to go into another part of the world, not crave for the movies I didn’t want to get but I would require to schmooze certain clubs and cliques of people. It would require groveling and I had worked a long time by then that I didn’t feel like I wanted to do it.”

For the unversed, in an earlier interview, Priyanka Chopra was quoted as saying,

“I have had people wanting to jeopardise my career, take away from my work, make sure I wasn’t cast just because I was doing well in what I was doing,” she shared during her appearance on The Ranveer Show.

Soon after her statements became viral, actress Kangana Ranaut in a Twitter thread blamed Karan Johar for the same. Check out her tweet thread below –

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