Let's see infamous slapping acts in tinsel town

Infamous Slapping Incidents Of Bollywood

Here are some slap moments from Bollywood

1. Mala Sinha slaps Sharmila Tagore: During the making of Joy Mukherjee’s espionage thriller Humsaya (1968) Joy’s two heroines Mala Sinha and Sharmila Tagore were said to have had catfights galore. It all ended in Mala planting a slap on Sharmila’s dainty cheek. Sharmila denies the incident. But Mala Sinha simply smiles.

2. Nutan Slaps Sanjeev Kumar: The story goes that Nutan’s husband Rajnish Behl suspected his wife of having an affair with her co-star Sanjeev Kumar during the making of Devi(1970). To prove that the rumours were wrong Nutan slapped Sanjeev in full public view.

3. Anupam Kher Slaps Journalist: A journalist from a gossip magazine who had written about an alleged affair between the actor and Mamta Kulkarnis’s sister, was slapped on the set of a Kher movie. The slap led to massive protests in the media.

4. Geetika Tyagi Slaps Subhash Kapoor: Starlet Geetika Tyagi’s video where she slaps director Subhash Kapoor in front of the latter’s wife created a sensation on the internet. Eventually, a case of sexual assault was filed against the director. His career seems to have come to standstill after the scandal.

5. Gauahar Khan Slapped By Moral Police: During the shooting of a reality show a man walked up the Gauahar and planted a resounding slap for wearing revealing clothes. Some say it was all a publicity stunt, though Gauahar stoutly denies it. She won’t ‘skirt’ the issue.

6. Salman Khan Slaps Subhash Ghai: During a Bollywood party when spirits were high Salman got into an argument with Subhash Ghai and ended up planting an embarrassing slap on the Showman. Salman later apologized to Ghai.

7. Shah Rukh Khan Slaps Shirish Kunder: For continuously glaring at him at a party hosted by Sanjay Dutt, Shah Rukh let go one tight slap on Farah Khan’s husband even before everyone could say, ‘Happy New Year’

8. Govinda Slaps Fan: This was way back in 2008 when on the set of a film a fan got too close to Govinda for comfort. The actor retorted with a slap. Now the honorable court has asked Govindas to apologise. Issko kehte hain thappad ki goonj.

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