It feels rather long and it has been long indeed since director and actor Farhan Akhtar surprised one and all by a mega announcement way back in 2021 where he revealed how Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt are uniting to be a part of a film together, a female road trip film, Jee Le Zara.

However, since then, it has been almost three years and there has been constant back and forth related to the film and even reports of it being shelved

But a slight ray of hope has arrived when a recent report suggests that Jee Le Zara might just be back on track. The team has been calmly working on the script and all parties attached to the film indeed want to see it come to life.

Yes, there has been setbacks, scheduling conflicts and also with Akhtar getting busy for Don 3 but Jee Le Zara holds a special place for Akhtar and hence he has been in talks with the power female trio to coordinate the schedules so that the film can finally get rolling.

As it was announced with Kaif, Chopra Jonas and Bhatt, there also were reports how the former two backed out of the project but Akhtar debunked these rumors recently and mentioned it is just a case of dates being worked out and also the actor’s strike in the USA. Akhtar did meet Chopra Jonas when she last arrived in India.

Jee Le Zaraa might indeed happen.