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Kartik Aaryan reveals his real thought behind the internet-breaking #CoronaStopKaroNa monologue 

Kartik Aaryan makes a REVELATION about his #CoronaStopKaroNa monologue 

While the pandemic Coronavirus has disturbed everyone and brought all of us under a fatal threat, our celebrities are doing their bit to spread awareness, make the lockdown easier and make us smile. And Kartik Aaryan is surely one of those celebrities that has made a great effort in all the above criteria.

His internet breaking #CoronaStopKaroNa monologue got the masses talking about the importance of lockdown. He educated his fans in a unique way and it did serve its purpose. The viral monologue was even shared by PM Narendra Modi on his social media pages to spread the awareness about the virus. In a recent interview, the actor was asked about his his spin-off to his monologue which is written by himself and here’s what the superstar has to say about using social media cleverly. “Humari joh population hai 130 crores (India’s population is 1.3 billion) so it’s the need of the hour. Jab hum corona ke baare mein pehli baar padh rahey thay, ya jab India mein pehli Baar aisa ho raha tha, of course bahar woh phail chuka tha. Because itni population hai aur itne tareeke ke log hain. (When coronavirus had spread everywhere and it was in intial stages in India, it was important to let people know about the way it spreads, as it was an alien topic to the masses). I think, you need to tell them in different ways, make them aware in different ways and thankfully I have that reach… Usko utilise kartey hue, I think joh main best cheez kar pata hoon, uss tareeke se bas sabke saamne present kiya. And a lot of people got awareness through that monologue and I am so glad and happy. Log alag tareeke se whatsapp messages par forward kar rahe the and they were talking about it and they were actually getting to know that how it spreads and I wanted that message to spread. Thankfully that happened and people are still understanding it and getting to know what not to do at this time.”

Well, we must say that Kartik Aaryan surely spread the word about the pandemic in a solid and a right way. His  His unique use of social media is truly inspirational. Infact in the interview further, the host even says that he should be awarded the best effective way of using social media. Aaryan has millions of followers and a huge fan-following, and the actor is using his star-power in the most effective way.

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