Meera Chopra on Anurag Kashyap

Meera Chopra Gives Anurag Kashyap A Clean Chit

Actress Meera Chopra feels Anurag Kashyap is not the sort who would harass any woman. “I’ve met Anurag only once,he didn’t seem that kind of a guy at all. He’s too invested in his work and ideologies to be a sexual offender. He’s not one of those kinds jo dikhta kuch hai aur hai kuch aur.”

Meera agrees Kashyap could be a victim of a political conspiracy. “This is a possibility. There’s too much politics happening these days, specially in and around our film industry. And Anurag is always very fearless in his opinions.”

Meera feels any woman who has a complaint on a sexual issue must approach the law. “I feel MeToo allegations lose credibility if they just remain in the newspapers or on social media platforms. If a victim is really seeking justice and not just doing it to get a little attention or trying to defame the accused, then the right way to make these charges is to go to the authorities and file a legal complaint.”

Meera feels the media as a platform for sex offenses should be the last not first resort. “If the police does not take cognizance of your complaint then resort to the media. The entire MeToo movement lost its momentum because it had become more of a vendetta game in the newspapers than real reported registered legal cases.”

Meera feels tweeting about an allegation as serious as this is seriously compromising the issue. “You will not get justice by tweeting about it. You need to file a formal complaint and if you can’t do that then I have my doubts on the credibility of your allegation.”

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