Budget cut for Brahmastra

How Much Of Budget Cut Will Brahmastra Take?

Karan Johar’s most expensive film to date is likely to take a huge budget cut. The question is, how much?

A source in the know informs, “Post the Coronova crisis and the image drubbing that Karan Johar has taken after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death the most severely hit of the Dharma Productions would be Brahmastra because it was almost ready and also the most expensive Dharma film ever.”

Apparently director Ayan Mukerjee has been asked to scale down his vision for the rest of the shooting. He has also been asked to edit down the film’s length to around two hours.

“For the remaining shooting Ayan has been asked to reduce costs drastically. Budget for post-production would also be curtailed drastically. Also , the way Ayan has been shooting Bramhastra could turn into a 3-hour plus product after editing and post-production. Ayan has been told to edit the footage to a palatable 2-hour duration,” says a source close to the project.

Ayan and other wannabe-epic directors would have to understand that times have changed. The self-indulgence and the extravagance that was earlier seen to be a prerogative of genius , are no longer acceptable.

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