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Meera Rajput and Shahid Kapoor's cute social media banter. Watch video

OMG! Meera Rajput is fed up with Shahid Kapoor, find out why

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput are spending all their time together. That’s not all, apart from all the cooking, working out and indulging in fun hobbies, the couple is also having a cute banter with each other.

Earlier, Shahid took to his Instagram and shared a video, where Mira is lying next to him and busy on her phone. Shahid goes on to mock and trouble her in the video by calling her sexy and even zooms into her face though she continues to show no interest in the video at all. The actor had captioned the video saying, ‘We grow wiser and more mature with each passing day in #quarantine.’ But looks the missus is not all that happy with the video. To get back at her husband, Mira posted a rare and surely unseen magazine cover of Shahid from his initial years in Bollywood. The rugged and sexy actor now was back then known as a chocolate-boy with a clean shave avatar and complete boy-next-door looks. Mira captioned the picture saying, ‘Revenge is sweet.”.

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Now, yet again, Shahid took to his Instagram page and posted a funny video. He captioned it “Entering quarantine phase 4 be like… @mira.kapoor can’t deal no more with me.”

It seems the lady is fed up and can’t deal anymore. Watch the fun video.

Well, revenge or not, we love such public banters, don’t we?

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