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Mallika Sherawat picture with Kamala Harris

One Picture With Kamala Harris Makes Mallika Sherawat Her Best Friend?

If there is anything that Mallika Sherawat likes even more than being in the news it is shooting pictures with international leaders and global celebrities who are in the news. Her latest shot at celeb-bombing is a picture with the most happening woman in the world Kamala Harris, America’s new Vice President whom everyone who knows wants the world to know they know her.

And why should Mallika be an exception?According to Mallika she played a character based on Kamala Harris in super-flop American film called The Politics Of Love in 2011 where she played a Democratic campaign manager who falls in love with a Republican during the American elections.

MsSherwat’s claims that Ms Kamala Harris supported this brown-black rom-com and offered gyan on how to play her character. This seems like an unlikely happening . Politics Of Love was as much based on Kamala Harris’ political experiences as Mallika’s Murder was based on Hitchcock. There may have been a passing resemblance between the political manager of Indian origin that Mallika played in the Politics Of Love and the real-life politics of Kamala Harris.But that’s about it.

To bring it up now smacks of a typical attempt to be where the news is. The fact is, Ms Sherawat did meet Kamala Harris at a party San Francisco in 2009. But that’s about it. Ms Harris made no contribution to the film Politics Of Love.And the black-brown romance in the plot certainly had nothing to do with Ms Harris. So shall we move on?

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