Priyanka Chopra for Oscar?

Oscar For Priyanka Chopra Buzz Is The Biggest Joke Of  The Year

Entertainment journalism on the internet has become a bit of a joke. The latest “news” doing the rounds is that Priyanka Chopra is a “strong contender” for the Oscar for “best-supporting actress” in The White Tiger.

Come again? Best Supporting Actress? For what? The White Tiger is a Netflix project that’s nowhere near release.And Priyanka is not a supporting actress in the film.She plays the lead opposite Rajkummar Rao.Be as it might, it seems unlikely that her performance will qualify for an Oscar, supporting or otherwise.

If the truth be told, Priyanka’s career in the West has hit a bit of a roadblock. She is not doing any substantial film in Hollywood, although rumors of her having been roped in to the new segment of the Matrix franchise have been floated. No confirmation from the Matrix team on this one.

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