More update on Payal Ghosh-Anurag Kashyap molestation allegation

Payal Ghosh Wants A Lie-Detector Test For Anurag Kashyap

While Anurag Kashyap claims to have proof that he was in Sri Lanka during the time when Payal Ghosh alleges misconduct,the lady is relentless in her pursuit of Kashyap’s guilt.

She now wants Kashyap to undergo a lie-detection test. This, after Kashyap was interrogated for nearly 7 hours on Thursday by the Mumbai police, and they could nail nothing on him. On the contrary, Kashyap presented near-irrefutable proof of his innocence.

One of Kashyap’s very close friends states, “She has one agenda, and that is to destroy Kashyap’s reputation. She’s working relentlessly towards that goal. We all know she couldn’t be alone in her mission. We’re just wondering how far she’s willing to go .”

Kashyap in the meanwhile won’t be sitting idle. Sources close to him say he is on an evidence-collecting spree against the lady and will soon have substantial evidence to prove her lie.

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