Pratik Gandhi who has a release today Dedh Bigha Zameen—his third release this year—has realized playing Mahatma Gandhi is not easy, even if you are Gandhi yourself. So Pratik discovered last night when he suffered an injury while shooting for Applause Entertainment’s Gandhi directed by Hansal Mehta, which could have been worse.

When I touched base with Pratik he said, “Yes,I’m better now. A ceramic pot fell on me while rehearsing for a next scene to shoot. And I got a deep cut on my right-hand knuckle. I got stitches done last night.”

When asked if it is painful Pratik replied. “It is a bit painful. But it should be better in a few days, hopefully.”

Speaking of his infinitely rewarding association with Applause Entertainment Pratik says, “Scam 1992 was surely a turning point in my career. I try to convert high expectations into excitement and inspiration for myself rather than pressure. Scam changed my life!”

Pratik sees Applause Entertainment’ s Scam, Do Aur Do Pyar and Gandhi as the turning points in his career. “Gandhi is the biggest project of my career till now and Do Aur Do Pyaar is my first romcom in mainstream.All of them hold a special place in my heart. I am always excited to partner with a visionary like Sameer Nair and his efficient team at Applause Entertainment.”