There was a time when Kareena Kapoor and Karan Johar stopped talking to each other and Subhash K Jha takes us through that fight.

Scandal Point: When Kareena Kapoor and Karan Johar stopped being friends

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s best friend in the entertainment industry and her go-to person for all the gossip she wants and all the heartaches she gets is indisputably Karan Johar. They are inseparably close.

But there came a phase in their kinship when they stopped talking to each other completely. Since I was privy to this fall-out here is a true account of what happened. This was when Karan was planning Kal Ho Na Ho with his favourite Shah Rukh Khan and second-favourite Bollywood diva Kareena (after Kajol).

Kareena shocked Karan and his father Yash Johar by quoting a price that sent the father-son staggering out of the Kapoors’ residence. Karan gently asked his Bebo Darling to reconsider the price. But she wouldn’t budge.

This, rightly, hurt Karan.

“My father was seriously unwell (he later passed away). She could have shown a bit more sensitivity,” Karan had confided in a friend.

He stopped all communication with Kareena. For almost a year they looked through each other at every social gathering that they attended. And since they had plenty of common friends they kept bumping into and ignoring each other, much to the shock of mutual friends.

It was Karisma who put an end to the Kjo-Bebo cold war. She made them both sit down and open up the wound which was festering in their relationship.

Says a source, “Karisma reminded her sister that Karan was the brother they never had, and she reminded Karan that Bebo and Lolo were the sisters he never had. That was it. In no time, Karan and Kareena were sobbing and hugging one another.”

Kareena went on to act in many Dharma Productions films. She insisted she won’t charge money after what happened regarding Kal Ho Na Ho. But Karan insisted on paying her.

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