Anurag Kashyap accused of sexual harassment

Starlet Payal Ghosh Accuses Anurag Kashyap Of  Sexual Harassment

An aspiring actress Payal Ghosh has put out a video accusing filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of asking for sexual favours when she approached him for work. The language used by the actress to describe Kashyap’s alleged attempt at sexual violation is the kind used in pornographic clips, highly provocative and placing Kashyap in a position of sexual aggression where Ms Ghosh claims Kashyap bragged he could get some prominent actresses(whom Ms Ghosh names) to perform oral sex whenever he so desired.

The highly distasteful true-confessions tone of the video raises several questions on the validity and authenticity of the claims. Why would a woman who claims to have gone through very serious attempts at sexual violation, make a video about her experience? Shouldn’t she have gone to the police with her allegations?

The second more important point has to do with the credibility of the accused. No lady from the film industry has ever made any allegations of misconduct against Kashyap.

We do hope Ms Ghosh has proof for her extremely salacious charges. Otherwise, the film industry has a lot to worry about, as anyone can level any charges at anyone.

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