Sunny Leone turned a year older earlier this week.She says she celebrated her special day just the way she liked it. “I like it, calm, quiet and home with my family. The kids love all birthdays , mine theirs or anyone else’s (laughs).”

Every year Sunny’s husband Daniel gifts her something special on her birthday.

Sunny is waiting. “He’s late this year, still waiting. He said it’s amazing and will take another few days to arrive .I’m beyond blessed to have a healthy family,an amazing life. I love my work and I love building my fab brands and companies and it all just keeps getting better each day…. What more can a girl ask for?”

If marriages are crumbling around her, Sunny couldn’t care less. “Are they crumbling around me?I have not noticed. I live in my own world. The secret of my long-lasting marriage is mutual respect and healthy communication. That is all.”

She describes Daniel as a very hands-on husband. “He is involved in every aspect of the children’s life, of course.We give our children the freedom to do what they like. As far as their career choice is concerned,they can decide this when they are 18 . Before that. NO!”

Now that she is in her 40s, does the fear of aging scare Sunny? “We all want to stay young forever.So we deal with age the best we can.”

If she had one wish it would be about her parents. “I would have wished for my parents to be here to see my family and the life I have made with Daniel, Nisha, Noah, and Asher in India. They would have been proud of me, I believe. As far as changing something now goes, NOTHING AT ALL…. I am blessed!”