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Sunny Leone has her hands full during the lockdown. In fact, she is busier now than she was before the lockdown.

Sunny Leone On What She Is Up To During The Lockdown

Says Ms Leone, “The lockdown is definitely not easy. But it’s absolutely necessary to keep everyone safe. All of us need to continue doing our best to combat the virus and staying indoors is definitely a good option. Staying indoors has slowed down this crazy virus. Hopefully, we’ll soon find medication that starts working.”

When I ask her how she’s spending her time, she laughs, “Spending my time…ha ha…it’s more like time is spending me. With three young children and all the cooking cleaning home-care , I am left with no time for anything else. My eldest Nisha’s online schooling has started again. So I’m working with her on that. We do arts craft, schoolwork, all of it with Nisha. I am cooking and washing dishes constantly. Then all the children and I go swimming on the terrace. So no respite for me.”

Does she find time for herself? “I do find small amounts of time for things I want to do, like a painting. Luckily there is very little work happening outside the home. Some digital work only being done…. So not much work.”

Sunny is staying fit at home. “I am able to work out at home. I am happy to say I’ve some fine workout equipment at home which is very handy in this situation. I don’t need to go to the gym to stay fit. All the housework and my home-gym equipment keep me fit.”

Is Sunny sleeping and eating more than before? “No, I don’t think so. Maybe I’m eating a little bit more, but healthier food because no outside food is coming into the house. This is a good opportunity for de-toxification. I wish I was eating a little more.”

Sunny’s advice to her fans? “Please follow the guidelines that have been set by the Government. That’s important for everyone’s safety. Stay indoors. Pick up a new hobby, learn to play a musical instrument. Read more, learn new activities online. Working out from home by watching videos online. We have to keep our minds from staying idle. Keep doing something constantly. Use this lockdown as an opportunity to broaden your mind’s horizons and cleanse your souls.”

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