In a shocking turn of events , Mumbai’s Ghatkopar hoarding collapse has claimed the lives of Kartik Aaryan’s Maama and Maamee, his maternal uncle and aunt who lived in Jabalpur and had come visiting to Mumbai.

While Kartik was in a state of shock, a source close to the actor told this writer, “Kartik was very close to his Maama and Mamee. During his childhood he would spend a lot of time with them. This news(of their death in the collapse) came to Kartik late . He didn’t know till many hours after the accident that he had lost his loved ones.”

Apparently the couple lost their lives while they had stopped for petrol. The hoarding fell on their car killing them instantaneously.

While Kartik has taken the news badly he refuses to postpone his trailer launch in Gwalior on May 18.

Says the source, “The Chandu Champion producer Sajid Nadiadwala offered to postpone the event. But Kartik refused the offer, arguing the show must go on.”