All you Don fans out there, get this. There is no, repeated NO, Don 3 happening anytime in the near future.

Sorry to break your hearts, but a third Don film is not even a thought on Farhan Akhtar’s mind,let alone the ‘dream’ cast (existing only in someone’s dream) of Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan.

A source very close to Farhan can’t stop laughing, “Where did that come from? We understand the two Don stars together in one film makes a good story. But sorry, casting them together toh dur ki baat hai, Farhan doesn’t even have an idea for the plot of the next Don film.”

The source further adds that the whole story seems like wishful thinking. “It’s evident that the fans want another Don film. But Farhan has not directed any film since Don 2 in 2011. He is now planning to direct another film Jee Le Zara after 11 years. These rumours of another Don film are scaring and amusing him.”

It all started when Mr Bachchan posted a picture of the long queues for tickets for his 1978 blockbuster Don. From there the speculations on a third Don film bringing AB and SRK took flight.

Sadly there is no such project in the pipeline.