Akshaye Rathi(film exhibitor): “I think both Ponniyin Selvan and Vikram Vedha will conquer the boxoffice, though in different parts of the country. In Tamil Nadu the opening of PS1 will be historic , as the Tamil author and the novel on which the film is based are so ironic to Tamil literature . It is as pervasive in Tamil Nadu as the Ramayan and the Mahabharat. Plus, the visual spectacle that Mani Ratnam is bound to provide, will ensure a solid viewership for Mani Ratnam’s films. As for VV, two phenomenal actors starring in it and two phenomenal directors helming it, I am sure this Friday will being a lot of happiness to moviegoers all over the country and hence to the boxoffice.”

Amod Mehra(trade expert): “As there is no buzz on Ponniyin Selvan 1 (PS1) the film will have a tough time registering its presence in its Hindi version. Vikram Vedha(VV) is far far ahead and is one of the most awaited films of this year. With a mind-blowing performance by Hrithik Roshan the film will emerge as a Big Hit.”

Girish Johar(producer, trade analyst): “PS has a strong traction in the Southern region and will have good start there. Stalwarts in the cast and helmed by Mani Sir is a huge set up. Film is looking very exciting and promising.And it is being released in several languages too.This will help in widening its reach at the box office .VV is a MAMMOTH film, surprisingly its promotions, till now have been kept at low key, but the tracking of the film is very good. It’s a remake of the original by the same makers Pushkar-Gayatri. I am so sure that they have done a wonderful job with the Hindi version too. Hrithik Roshan is a HUMONGOUS star and anything he releases gets huge traction. I am looking forward to fireworks on screen and at the box office this weekend.”

Atul Mohan(trade analyst) : “VV has a definite edge over PS1.Hrithik Roshan on big screen after long, a multistarrer, dialogue baazi, mass appeal, appreciation for trailer, etc. It’s all in favor of VV so far. PS1 on the other hand hasn’t evoked a buzz for itself in the Hindi belt. VV being a straight Hindi film will definitely get better showcasing than PS1 in North India.”

Kishan Damani(Film Distributor, Bihar): “VV has an edge due to Hrithik’s stardom. Hrithik has a very big fan following and he is coming on screen after a very long time .But I feel PS1 will be better to watch on screen because of the lavish making and Mani Ratnam.”