Renowned Bengali actor-director-producer Parambrata Chatterjee has shared a series of adorable pictures with his wife, Piya Chakraborty, from Manhattan, where they are currently attending the NABC Awards. The couple’s matching blue outfits caught Parambrata’s attention, and he couldn’t resist sharing the moment with his fans.

In the pictures, Parambrata and Piya embrace each other on a Manhattan street, wearing blue clothes. Parambrata humorously attributed the matching outfits to coincidence. He also spotted a poster of his favorite soccer player, little master Lionel Messi, and couldn’t resist taking a selfie.

Parambrata wrote on his Instagram, ” @piya_chakraborty and I both wearing blue on our #manhattan day was purely coincidental! So I was bumping into this picture of the little master… but when so many coincidences came together, I couldn’t resist the selfie…” The post has garnered immense fan love, with actress Sudeepa Chattopadhyay commenting, “Feeling jealous. But I am very happy for you.” Many have also hailed Parambrata and Piya as the “best couple.”

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The NABC Awards have brought together prominent Bengali artists in the US, and Parambrata’s pictures with Piya have added a touch of warmth to the event. The couple’s chemistry and Parambrata’s fondness for Messi have won fans’ hearts. As they enjoy their time in Manhattan, their fans back home cherish these adorable moments.