India’s biggest dream realiser Mukesh Chhabra has time and again launched some of the greatest talents of all with his knack for casting. He has made several dreams come true and this year too, he wishes to do the same, and get even better at doing so. Understanding that ‘work, money, fame, struggle’ are some of the important components of an actor’s life, he takes to social media and writes a very warm note to all the aspiring actors out there.

He writes “Work, money, fame, struggle- it seems like these dreams have taken away happiness and peace from a lot of young actors these days. It saddens me a lot to see so many of you looking sad, hopeless and downcast. This new year happiness is something we all have to take care of, not just for ourselves, but also for those around us. As a community of creative people, we have to look out for each other, offer support, a helping hand and sometimes just a shoulder to cry on. There cannot be any place for envy, competition amongst our own community. I want to let you all know that on my end I am working day in and out to provide work to as many actors as I can, and promise to keep doing so.

2023 has so many amazing projects in the pipeline and I promise to give each and every talented individual an opportunity to showcase their artistic skills on-screen. From your end, I hope to see happier faces, brighter eyes and a community that supports and loves one another. I hope to work with you all amazing actors with dreams in your eyes, very very soon. So, please, keep the faith?

Happy New Year ♥️✨

Lots of Love ♥️

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So far, Mukesh Chhabra has given innumerable opportunities to talented actors and has turned them into stars and can certainly be called the Piped Piper of Bollywood. Mukesh Chhabra is a star maker and his passion to rope in actors from all quarters, be it from cities or small towns makes him ‘the first’ to advance towards change.

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