There are certain areas of talks or certain types of questions that can trigger even the most patient and kind person. Those subjects may include talks about his lost job, heartbreak, or family problems. Something similar happened with Tom Cruise when he was asked a triggering question by an interviewer. Tom lashed out at the interviewer for asking this uncomfortable and very personal question. He was nothing like the patient man that you may have seen him be in the Mission Impossible movies.

Tom Cruise is most known for his blockbuster movies, but his personal life has also been a hot topic in tabloids throughout the years. Did you know that in 2005, when asked about ex-wife Nicole Kidman during an interview, he lost his cool? Tom and Nicole were the hottest couples during the 90s. They got married on December 24, 1990, a day before Christmas. Their relationship lasted for a few years until they got separated in 2001. The interviewer asked Tom whether Nicole was the love of his life. Tom replied, “What do you mean? We raise children…” he took a breath and continued, “How do you answer that question? She’s someone that… I plan on getting married again.”

The interviewer kept on invading his space by asking more personal questions and then Tom lashed out at him. He kept asking Tom about how he and Nicole were going to raise their kids and Tom intercepted him and asked him not to cross the line. Watch the interview here: –