Priyanka Chopra gives beauty tips. She is perfect in her styling, from top to bottom. Here are some beauty tips which Priyanka is sharing with us. 

Beauty Tips and Secrets from Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is a beautiful actress in Bollywood. Priyanka always has a busy schedule, and yet manages to look amazing. Priyanka says, Try wearing new trends such as metallic makeup and don’t feel shy to wear it. The most important and simple trick to look beautiful is to put on brighter lipstick and a few coats of mascara – the best combination ever. For traveling you can stick to light makeup such as mascara and a hydrating, tinted lip balm. She also suggests to drink water as much as possible, as it helps to keep skin glowing. She prefers nude browns and pinks for her lips and is rarely seen wearing darker shades of lipstick.

Priyanka is not just beautiful but is also multi-talented. She advises people to keep their lips nourished and well- moisturized, especially during the winter season. Priyanka generally goes with MAC products for her eyes. She also claims that she uses a good bit of moisturizer to keep her skin soft and ready for whatever makeup she puts on.

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