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When green took over the minds of Bollywood divas

Bollywood Divas slaying in Green

Looking for some fashion inspiration, and want to ace that drooling green colour on you? Well, then you need to see these Bollywood divas who are winning the hearts of their fans with some great fashion sense. The looks of these stars are so well balanced with beauty and style that you cannot stop staring at them.

Here are some of the divas who slew the green game

  1. Alia Bhatt

Well, she is never off the style and here is proof of her slaying game. She wore a sexy green dress having long stripes on it. She looked very confident and stylish while smiling on the camera

  1. Neha Sharma

Neha looked very fab in these looks, and if you wish to rock in style like her, then you should try them sometimes.

  1. Kriti Kharbanda

If simplicity is at its best is a saying, then Kriti is Picasso of it. Kriti simply shone in the plain green dress. She kept it simple yet elegant. That green dress with cute smile is a deadly combination..isn’t it?

  1. Parineeti Chopra

The fashion queen is no less than anyone. She wore a plain black long sleeve inner with an amazing green jacket and a belt. She was slaying..wasn’t she?

  1. Kiara Advani

Yeah, she is ruling the industry not just with her films, but with her catchy look. She donned a light green dress having a unique design with net shoulders.

No one can match their sense of green colour…what say?

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