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How Taimur Ali Khan Always Manages To Make Us Smile

All the cute moments of Taimur Ali Khan that melt our hearts

A few years back, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan had a baby named Taimur and that seems to have acted as a gift to humanity. The paparazzis as well as numerous other fans die for just a glimpse of Taimur time and again. The little munchkin has definitely captured the hearts of us Indians with his overpowering cuteness.

There have been many moments where we see pictures of Taimur and can’t help but awww at them. Remember the cute pictures we keep getting from various sources from time to time? They absolutely give us all a baby fever. Taimur definitely plays the role of brightening up our days on the worst ones and making our already bright days even brighter.

There have also been several instances where we hear about how Taimur is and about his shenanigans through his parents. Saif Ali Khan recently spoke about how his dear son Taimur likes imitating the ‘Mediawale’ by saying ‘Khichik-Khichik’ for sound effect everytime a photo is being taken. It’s seems like the little Nawab is starting early in the media industry. But we totally love and support that.

We hope to see more of little Taimur in his cute form and we also look forward to hearing more about the prince’s sweet mischievous from his loved ones. Stay tuned with us so you don’t miss out on any more updates of the little angel that is the one and only Taimur Ali Khan.

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