All the tips and tricks on how to style a blazer you need to learn from Natalie Portman

In Pics: Natalie Portman Inspired Ways To Style In Blazers

No matter what a piece of clothing is, if you have the right sense of fashion, you can turn it into gold. Natalie Portman is one such gem who can give you two cents on fashion. Here are a few looks in the blazer that look indeed effortless but will surely amp up your styling game.

Apart from being an amazing actress Natalie Portman has great taste in fashion. She is a queen in balancing a classic coat with basic jeans. The outfit screams chic and feminine.

Natalie Portman plays with the fashion trends making it cool yet classic and also keeping the feminine rolls up the sleeves. After following some of her ways of pairing and playing with a blazer will never look at fashion the same way. She wore a jacket over a gown and made it look like she owned the fashion game. Here are a few more Natalie Portman ways of styling blazers.

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