All The Times Katrina Made Our Hearts Flutter

When Katrina Kaif Made Our Breaths Hitch

Katrina Kaif is undoubtedly one of the most elite actresses Bollywood has ever known. We have seen her grow through all these years, in terms of acting, dancing and also her beauty that is adored all over the globe. So you are not to be blamed if she stole your heart too.

The star is widely known for her cute dimply smile that can brighten up anyone’s day and her beauty that is natural and needs no touch up. She also has an amazing height which we all yearn for. She makes our hearts skip a beat every time we see her flaunting her killer looks. Katrina is also widely known as the Indian Barbie doll. If that doesn’t make you go awww at her then we don’t know what will.

Another thing most fans don’t know about her is the fact that she is a model. So she can act as well as model. But another thing about her that is not quite appreciated is her dancing. The actress comes from a non-dancing background and yet ends up delivering a performance better than stars who belong to a dancing background and have had years of training.

We hope to see Katrina continuing to be the all-rounder she is and prospering in the Bollywood industry. Stay tuned with us for more updates on your favourite celebrities.

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