Natalie Portman’s preference for classically elegant hair, makeup, and attire doesn’t indicate that the actress is artistically risk-averse; rather, it only shows that she picks her more daring opportunities carefully. Portman made the bold decision to go for one of her most striking beauty looks ever for the Los Angeles premiere of her new film, the most recent entry in Marvel’s successful Thor trilogy. Exaggerated, extended arcs of shimmering bronze are visible well past the edge of Natalie Portman’s lashes in her smokey winged makeup. Portman’s makeup is the real star of this look, especially when paired with her similarly dazzling Celine gown and a stylish, understated hairdo. Portman has worked with several different makeup artists, so it’s not yet obvious which one created her striking bronze wings, but the technique employed is intriguing.

Notably, Portman’s eyelashes aren’t exaggeratedly long to match the eyeshadow, letting those dazzling hues steal the show. Many admirers have immediately compared the massively enlarged wings to Portman’s Oscar-winning Black Swan performance’s halting, eerie characteristic eye makeup. Of course, Portman’s entire outfit is deserving of praise as well; the cohesiveness of it all is what makes her presentation so exceptional. Portman’s skin finishes, lipstick, blush, and even lipstick were all expertly chosen to enhance but not compete with her eyeshadow. The color story is continued by the warm tones in each, but the shine and glitter are only present on the clothing and eyes. Her slicked-down chignon, a perennial favorite among Hollywood’s most fashionable women, gives the entire ensemble a touch of understated elegance. Another night, another shining illustration of why Natalie Portman will always be a legend.

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