Who looks the best in floral dress between Nayanthara, Pooja Hegde and Keerthy Suresh?

Nayanthara, Pooja Hegde And Keerthy Suresh’s Floral Dresses Is An Inspiration For Fulfilling Our Needs

When it comes to women fashion, the floral prints have been in vogue for the longest time. Be it nice, bright, & vibrant floral printed gowns and skirts or the chic style high fashion floral bohemian style outfits, women and their love for florals is real. Just like anyone else, our leading ladies from the South too have an immense fancy for the floral pattern and talking about ladies from South who have a fascination for the floral prints, we can only think of names like Nayanthara, Pooja Hegde and Keerthy Suresh in this regard.

The floral outfits add to the existing charm of glorious and beautiful personalities like Nayanthara, Pooja Hegde and Keerthy Suresh and since all three of them are humongous fashion icons of the South industry, anything and everything which they do seem to be blindly imitated by their fans. Floral outfits when compiled with the right type of high-fashion accessories and a perfect hairstyle can make anyone look absolutely divine and these three are no different.

As we already said, all three of them look immensely gorgeous in floral dresses but readers, if we ask you to choose one among them as your favourite in a floral dress, whom would you pick and why?

Let us know your views in the comments below and for more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com.

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