Take some necklace fashion ideas from Anushka Sharma & Vidya Balan

Necklace Designs Ideas: Take Cues From Anushka Sharma And Vidya Balan’s Trendy And Stylish Neck Designs

Anushka Sharma and Vidya Balan are undoubtedly two of the most naturally charming and gorgeous women that we have in the industry. You can literally style them in the most simple way possible and they will still give out some serious ‘Queen vibes’. Both of them are fantabulous actresses and to top it all, their sense of style adds as a cherry on top factor for their fans.

Both Anushka Sharma & Vidya Balan are two people who simply love their sarees and like to wear it even without any ethnic or formal occasion. One of the most important part of dressing and styling in a saree is a good fashionable necklace and that’s exactly where Anushka and Vidya stand out. So, to all the ladies out there who are hunting for some serious necklace fashion inspiration, who better than Anushka and Vidya to give that? Check out their photos below and get some style ideas going your way. Take a look –

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