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Nora Fatehi is the hottest actress in Bollywood

Nora Fatehi’s 10 Most Memorable Looks of All Time 7

Nora Fatehi is famous and popular for her dance moves. She has stunned everyone with her killer dance moves from her songs. Nora Fatehi looks hot and sexy in all her outfits. She has a great sense of fashion and slays Bollywood with her killer looks. She is famous for item numbers.

In her song Baby Marvake Maanegi, her look was awesome and she was looking damn hot and sexy. In another song Manohari, she was given a traditional look and was looking gorgeous. She looks damn hot and sexy in a western outfit. In Dilbar, her looks were just fantastic. She was looking hot and sexy in that outfit. Her belly dancing look is also awesome and she looks stunning. She is seen wearing crop tops to flaunt her body while dancing. The actress knows very well how to set fashion game-high.

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